Fire Training without Instructor...Special Delivery!

Meet Ember, our rental fire training simulator that travels the world living inside a single shipping box. Ember guides fire training instructors unfamiliar with setting up and operating a fire training simulator, and even offers help with presenting a comprehensive Pyrosoft fire-safety program.

Arranging a visit is as easy as reserving an airline ticket - and a cheap one, since Ember flies cargo class. At 112.1 x 40.9 x 35.5 cm (44" x 16" x 14") and weighting just 25kg (57lbs), she is petite but very rugged.

Also a multilingual seasoned traveler, she carries all the travel documents necessary to quickly clear customs in most countries. Just provide us with a destination, an arrival and departure date, and we'll give you a complete price that includes shipping right to your doorstep.

Open the box, switch on the notebook, and Ember will guide you through setup and operation of the Pyrosoft fire training simulator. Based on our mid-sized Firefly product, Ember comes with many enhancements like a large screen, 165cm x 100cm (65" x 40") to assist the trainer and impress the students. She also provides suggestions on conducting training, and will even offer to monitor the difficulty settings - adjusting them during the fire safety training to ensure the fires are not too easy or too difficult to extinguish.

Experiencing a technical issue? With an internet connection, Ember can call home to seek more advanced advice from our technical experts. You're just a click away from help.

Need to use manuals, training aids, videos and PowerPoint training programs? Ember knows where they're located!

With Ember onsite, all you need to start hands-on fire safety course is a room and an instructor.

Book Ember's ticket today, and let her take you on a compact training "journey" of discovery, application and expertise.