Every Pyrosoft fire extinguisher trainer is powered by Crossfire, our fire manipulation software backed by 20 years of development. Immerse yourself into an unforgettable training experience.

Our fire extinguisher trainers accurately respond to student attempts at extinguishment, with each fire simulation "playing out" differently depending on how the student applies the agent. There are several fire characteristics and agent properties controlled by the instructor to adjust the level of difficulty to suit the proficiency of the class and the hazard being fought.

Intuitive and easy-to-use software tracks extinguisher nozzle movements and incorporates that data into a full screen fire video at 30 frames per second, so the fire reacts to trainees' nozzle movements accurately and in real time.

Some Crossfire versions include Video Studio where customers or trainers can load digital images of onsite equipment and apply flames so students can practice on familiar equipment.

The result is the most interactive fire extinguisher trainer experience in the world; one that prepares trainees for real-world fire emergencies.

Pyrosoft backs up its fire training simulators with regular upgrades and updates. Your fire extinguisher trainer is never obsolete and with our product upgrade program you can move up to a larger fire trainer model at any time by just paying the difference.

Stay safe and compliant with Pyrosoft's Fire Extinguisher Trainer Technology. Contact us today to find out more.