Pyrosoft's fire simulator consists primarily of a video projector, a front / rear projection screen, a notebook computer and modified fire extinguisher. Students approach the hazard, see the flames and hear the rush of air. As they squeeze the nozzle valve they hear the extinguisher discharge and witness the effects of their attempt at extinguishing the fire. The simulator monitors whether the fire extinguisher has been correctly activated and that the nozzle valve is fully open. An infrared emitter in the extinguisher nozzle is tracked by detectors and the video images of the fire are edited in real-time to reflect where and how efficiently the student is extinguishing the fire. Pyrosoft Fire Simulators replace all the equipment normally associated with convention training with the following components.

  • A video projector and large portable screen serves as both the display medium supporting theory related classroom activities and as the fire training ground for the practical side, where large full size fires are ignited and extinguished
  • Different sized fire extinguishers equipped with an infrared emitter used by the nozzle-tracking hardware and safe halogen lamp so that students can see where the agent is being directed
  • An air solenoid valve for simulating agent release on some models
  • A notebook computer, which generates digitally re-mastered video fire scenes and powerful high definition audio rendered by multi-core processors to create the best representation of actual fire scenes available anywhere
  • Powered amplified stereo speakers that recreate the sounds made by the fire, the discharge sounds of the selected extinguisher and a dedicated user sound tract for adding additional background sounds.
  • An interactive and intuitive simulator server that responds and reacts to students attempts to extinguish a simulated fire as depicted on the screen

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