Small Business Fire Simulation Training



Flicker is designed for people that want complete hardware customization. Perhaps you are planning to build the fire simulator into a vehicle or training room where the screen is motorized or maybe the fire simulation training will be conducted below decks on a ship. We can also offer our external tracking emitter so you can practice extinguishing fires using wheeled extinguishers, fire hose hand lines, foam and other firefighting equipment. This is our barebones rig where you choose your own notebook computer and video projecter to suit your fire simulation training application. We just supply the critical simulator components including the Crossfire software, Pyrosoft server, small rear projection screen, cable set, nozzle tracking system with external connections and extinguisher.

Alternatively we can also supply the notebook computer and video projector to complete the fire simulation training kit.



fire simulation training

Flare is perfect for smaller fires like garbage can, lawn mower, and barbecues or for fire departments and others involved in residential and small fire simulation training. Our entry level fire simulator, Flare is lightweight weighing only 25 kilograms (55lbs), compact, affordable and portable, yet light enough for airplane travel. It comes complete with an ultra-lightweight notebook computer and multi-media centre including a wide screen 134 x 76cm (53" x 30") that doubles as a PowerPoint presentation display. It has a small video projector and a 2.2kg (5lbs) fire extinguisher, all that packs neatly into one small case. A complete system ready to use for fire simulation training the day it arrives for both theory and practical hands-on training.

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