Industrial Fire Extinguisher Simulators



These fire extinguisher simulators are industrial grade. The display screens are large enough to provide challenging, meaningful training on a variety of industrial fire scenes. Both the Firefly and Firebird fire extinguisher simulators comes complete with a multi-core notebook computer, video projector, amplified stereo speakers and Pyrosoft server for precision nozzle tracking. Our Firefly model has a large diagonal rear projection screen 165 x 101cm ideal for displaying larger fire simulations involving office and industrial equipment. One 2.2kg fire extinguisher is supplied. This system runs our enhanced Crossfire software and also includes consumption data, adjustable level of difficulty controls and our Video Studio software that allows users to create fire scenes based on background images downloaded into the editor from any digital camera.




This is one of our most feature rich mid-sized fire extinguisher simulators with the largest screen in its class measuring 203 x 127cm. This system despite the screen size still comes in just one standard shipping case. Inside you will find a short throw video projector, 2.2kg fire extinguisher and graphics enhanced notebook computer. The enhanced Crossfire software includes the ability to add student names in advance or on the fly and have that report filed and printed for record keeping purposes. This is the best in our line of fire extinguisher simulators.

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