Flashpoint is designed for training professionals and larger companies wanting the best in interactive fire simulator training. This large 4:3 aspect ratio rear projection screen accentuates flame height boasting our tallest screen 285 x 213 (115 x 83"). It comes preloaded with our Ultimate version of Crossfire software allowing you and your staff to create your own customized fire scenes by inserting flames inside, behind, below or above a piece of equipment and burn virtually anything you can imagine. This system also provides for agent expelling from the extinguisher nozzle in the form of compressed air and comes with 2 fire extinguishers, a 4.5kg (10lb) and a 9kg (20lb) as standard equipment. Software options include record keeping including sign-in sheet generation, student scores, certificates and more. An auto trainer function is also available that, when enabled, automatically adjusts all 5 levels of difficulty settings based on student technique and success rate. Flashpoint provides instructors and students with the ultimate in reality-based fire simulator training.


fire simulator training


Flamescape quite simply delivers the ultimate fire simulator training experience with the finest equipment and software we offer. The very large screen surface 320 x 200cm (126 x 78") delivers breathtaking fire scene images in true to life size and resolution. It is capable of displaying large fires for training on hand portable and also wheeled fire extinguishers using our strap on nozzle kit. Our best software package also includes a component video creator allowing you to capture flame footage from any video source and apply those flames to any background of our choosing. Every component within Flamescape is top drawer from the high end power user's workstation to the DLP video projector offering stunning resolution and brightness.

It just doesn't get any better.

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