Do you already offer a range of occupational safety courses and would like to extend that range by including fire safety training? Or maybe you already have the fire related knowledge but lack access to a fire training ground. Perhaps the limitations inherent in parking lot fires are crimping your ability to conduct valid training.

Permanent or periodic access to the Pyrosoft Fire Simulator empowers you to offer industries the most advanced interactive fire safety training available.

Pyrosoft's interactive Fire Training experience is a powerful tool that when added to your suite of services offered can bring in new business for you. At Pyrosoft we have developed a Trainer Program which makes adding one of our fire simulators to your list of services offered to your clients cost effective and easy. Pyrosoft can give you the tools you need to grow your business. Once fully trained, our knowledgeable group can give your company the power to conduct the industry's most interactive fire training system available anywhere. You are empowered to sell the service to other companies that seek cutting-edge fire training. We list you on our website as an authorized provider of Pyrosoft fire training programs. Any and all local inquiries will be funneled directly to you.

With plenty of support from us you can conduct:

  • Recognized Commercial and Industrial fire safety training seminars working with an unmatched set of training tools
  • Offer other theory-based safety training using Pyrosoft equipment as a large screen multimedia presentation centre
  • Webinars, video conferences and other web related activities are all possible
  • Non-training related TV, DVD, Slide or Internet audio / visual presentations


We provide you and your team with all the tools necessary to become authorized Pyrosoft Fire Trainer, including:

  1. The complete Fire Simulator, preloaded with the Ultimate version of Crossfire, our most advanced simulation software.
  2. The training tools and instructional material necessary to conduct comprehensive and interactive fire training seminars.
  3. "Train the trainer" sessions ensure you're familiar and comfortable with the equipment, subject matter and course content.
  4. Video editing techniques are explained using our Pure Fire Video editor to create your own custom fire scenes.
  5. Presentation tips and techniques for both large and small training sessions.
  6. Access to our multimedia training library to supplement your training presentation.
  7. Access to customized residential and industrial fire scenarios as they become available through our instructor exchange.
  8. Targeted marketing support, advice on industries and even specific companies to offer your services.
  9. Hardware and software updates are provided for your training system as soon as they are released.
  10. Ongoing maintenance to keep your Fire Simulator in excellent condition and your course content current.

Contact us today to find our how you can enroll in our Pyrosoft fire simulator trainers program