How long is warranty period?

Components we build are warranted for 2 years from date on manufacture.
The typical manufacturers warranty applies to items we procure for instance the notebook computer and video projector.

Can a simulator be taken on aircraft?

All our fire simulators can be shipped or taken as personal baggage on an aircraft. A nominal additional cost will be incurred since all our portable cases are considered oversized and overweight. Generally you will find the extra charges to be much less than using a courier service.

Does the simulators work on 240 volts?

All of our systems can be operating using either 120V/60Hz or 240zV/50Hz.

Where do I find the operating manuals?

The manuals can be accessed by pressing the space bar while Flameware is running and selecting help or by pressing the escape key to exit Flameware and then clicking the Pyrosoft toolbox on the desktop.

What is the red plastic stick for that is included with each fire Simulator?

The red plastic stick about the size of a blackboard brush is our Pyroprop used as a prop to hold the shipping case lid on a downward sloping angle. Now when the projector is placed on the case the projector is pointing downward sufficiently to allow the front adjusting feet of the projector to be brought into play insuring the projected image complete fills the projection screen from bottom to top.

Where Can I Find Other Operating Tips?

Read "Pyrosoft Operating Suggestions" accessible from the Help button in Flamescape or the Pyrosoft Toolbox on the desktop.

What is the operating air pressure of the air handling components?

Fire Simulators that are equipped with the compressed air option will accept a maximum high pressure 4200psi or a minimum low pressure of 40psi. Air flows at about 7cfm when the nozzle value is fully open.

How long do repairs take?

Generally we will fix and return a repaired part within 2 business days. When necessary will also attempt to ship a working part until the faulty one can be repaired and returned.

I am conducting a training class and something not working. What do I do?

  1. Check the troubleshooting section of the operating manual.
  2. Phone us for immediate technical advice.
  3. Try rebooting the notebook computer and server.
  4. Enable the Virtual firefighter to automatically extinguish the flames gradually so the class can be completed providing you the time need later to consider a permanent solution.