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fire simulator
Small Business Fire Simulator
  • Our most economical models
  • Only needs a small teaching space
  • Small single shipping case
  • Comes with PowerPoint for theory content
  • Can be upgraded anytime to a larger model
Industrial fire simulators
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Large wide screen format
  • Create your own custom fire scenes
  • Suite version of Flameware software
  • Can be upgraded anytime to a larger model
Enterprise fire simulator
  • Rugged projection screen frame
  • Our largest screen sizes
  • Compressed air simulating agent release
  • Ultimate version of Flameware
  • Enhanced upgraded components


Keeping Your Workers Safe

Fire safety is more than knowing how to pull the alarm and evacuate a building. Fire safety includes reviewing fire prevention practices to avoid fire and reassessing the fire safety plan in the event of a fire.

A good fire safety plan also includes the provision to fight fire if safe to do so. Fire extinguishers are mandatory because they are proven to save lives and property and yet for too many companies the necessary training on how and when to use the fire equipment they provide is often tragically lacking.

In the past, the only option for hands on experience was to use live fire with its inherent issues like cost, safety, small size, clean up, weather and environmental concerns. Not anymore.

Our large screen fire simulators can replicate fires of all sizes and origins and to keep every member of our training course stimulated we can adjust the difficulty setting to ensure everyone is challenged.

So if someone does reach for the extinguisher, they are doing so with a basic understanding of how to operate the equipment safety and effectively.

Organizing hands on fire safety training today is no more difficult that arranging a PowerPoint presentation.


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